Key west flats fishing report 2/19/13

Fishing today in Key west started out at 7am. John and I set out looking for tarpon, we spotted a few schools of fast moving fish. We finally found a massive group of slow moving tarpon and we had 1 eat a large pinfish. The fish instantly ran toward some structure and I could not maneuver my boat quickly enough and we broke off. We spent 30 more minutes tarpon fishing before we headed to the flats. I caught the beginning of the incoming in search of permit, sharks and barracudas. We hooked and landed our first cuda but missed a few others before we moved on. I found some warmer water and on john’s first cast he missed a trophy sized barracuda. John missed a few more cudas before we hooked up again, this fish was slightly bigger than the one before. The clouds started to build and I was having a hard time seeing so of course this is the time the permit started tailing. The first 1 tailed in about 2-3ft of water, truly large fish. We waited for it to show itself but no luck. The next few fish followed the same game plan. We did not see another permit for the rest of the day.
photo 3

Posted by Capt. Anthony Skinner, on February 19th, 2014 at 9:05 pm.

R.L. Winston
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