Key west flats fishing report 2/18/13

I fished a double today, my first trip was with Chris Frasch. We started out at six on a calm rainy morning, my first spot did not produce any tarpon but my second did. I found plenty of gently rolling tarpon just off that drop but unfortunately we could not draw a strike. I went next to a basin with shallow water and once again found plenty of fish but this time the tarpon were eating. Chris had 3 or 4 eats before he solidly hook a nice 40 pounder on my early morning tarpon fly. He got a few jumps before my 25 pound line parted and the tarpon went free. We hooked another tarpon that chris broke off right away.

My second trip Was with Jack Waddie, we landed a very nice 60-80 pound tarpon and a nice jack.

Posted by Capt. Anthony Skinner, on February 28th, 2013 at 3:49 pm.

R.L. Winston
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