Key west fishing report 7/1/12

Key west flats fishing report by AWS charters

I had 2 half days today, my first trip was with larry and jim from Yester day and my second trip was with chad and pam stelmok. My first trip started at 6, we had a bit of trouble finding tarpon but finally hooked up around 7 with a very large fish that ate a pin fish. Jim was on the rod that got hit, the tarpon dragged us about a mile before it finally jumped, the fish was very large and tired so we saw about half. The tarpon surged again and pulled the hook. Larry was on the bow when I spotted a very large school crossing a shallow bank, we had three tarpon eat a crab before we came up tight. The tarpon ate and ran towards the boats and

when he did jump, he jumped over the bow just barely missing Larry. he finally broke the line after a few more jumps and Larry not “bowing to the king”.

My second trip we had shots at 1 school and a single tarpon but did not place the crab correctly. I headed out for some shark fishing north of Key west. We landed on a white sand spot that sharks rest on during the day, I placed a shot for Pam and she was soon hooked up with a large lemon shark. This shark fought for about 20 minutes before we brought it boat side for some pictures. chad hooked up minutes after the release and also brought in a truly large lemon shark. We had 1 shot at a permit but the water was really heating up so we headed home

Posted by Capt. Anthony Skinner, on July 1st, 2012 at 7:58 pm.

R.L. Winston
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