Key west Barracuda fishing

I have had serious writers block for the past few months but I am going to try to update my blog weekly. The Barracudas are making their yearly migration from the deep water to the shallow water flats surrounding Key west. My clients have been catching cudas up to 50 inches and close to 20 pounds, all the fish we have been catching has been on tube lures or large streamer flies. Both methods of fishing produce fantastic strike. Barracudas favorite food are needle fish, hound fish and ballyhoos, all of these fish stay right on top of the water, can move at incredible speeds and jump. Successful guides will create a lure or fly that will imitate all the attributes of their favorite bait. put all those ingredients together and a fish that is very aggressive and in the top 10 fastest swimming fish and you get one of the best strikes of any fish in the ocean.

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Posted by Capt. Anthony Skinner, on February 4th, 2015 at 9:04 pm.

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