Daily Key west flats fishing report 9/7-9/9

Key west fishing report by AWS charters

I had the pleasure of fishing with long time client and friend Matt “the fishing mortician” Calcaterra. We started the first day looking for tarpon and permit first and if things went to plan to move to the east and catch the bonefish for the slam. We started strong with Matt hooking his first permit he saw, we landed this fish after a 10 minute fight. The tarpon caused the problems, Matt made several very nice shots only to have the tarpon refuse the crab. The most devastating refusal came when a tarpon rushed the crab opened his mouth only to refuse, and to make matters worst circled the crab numerous times before easing off. I hit the flat again and not only did we not catch the tarpon but the tide for bonefish past and we only got 1 shot.

Day 2

I went looking for baby tarpon first but had no luck. I then went looking for bonefish and had a few shot but did not hook up. No luck on 2/3 of the slam but the permit would save the day. We missed our first shot but matts second was perfect and he landed an impressive 20+ pounder. We then found a few schools of small permit where Matt landed 2 before we left the flat. I hit another flat and we got a few shots 1 of witch was absolutely massive.

Day 3

We found a fair amount of tarpon feeding on bait but our tarpon woes continued. Matt made several very nice shots but once again we were not rewarded with a grab. I then went looking for permit and had plenty of shots but a little bit of unlock we ended up empty handed. We did get into a massive school of bar jacks, Matt landed a very nice 1 before they raced off the flat.

Posted by Capt. Anthony Skinner, on September 12th, 2012 at 5:21 pm.

R.L. Winston
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